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" starts right now. >> thanks, wolf. good evening, everyone, from columbus, ohio. this is one of the most consequential battlegrounds in the mid term election year. america votes eight weeks from today, and you'll hear from the democratic governor, his opponent and get a look at a fight where a republican son of this state is given good odds of being the next speaker of the house. >>> breaking political drama. chicago's long time political mayor, richard daley will leave office next year and rahm emanuel is angling to replace him. a lot of big names there. i want to begin tonight with a man you probably don't know but with whom you might have a lot in common. al quincell owns a blue-collar barber shop here in colly you um bus. he remembers casting a vote for dwight eisenhower. he's living in a state with double-digit unemployment. he talks of his frustration, the politicians in washington of both parties he says act like children. he worries a way of life is slipping away. >> you are sort of raised with the idea that the american dream is we'll always do better than our parents. and our k
. >>> and in ohio, being crowned king of the gridiron isn't just for burly football players. in-state rivals rufus the bobcat and that's from ohio state university and brutus the buckeye from ohio state university throwing fists in the brawl when the bobcat pounced the bobcat twice. rufus came out on top. the student under the mask, though, has been banned from ohio athletics. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is bill karins with the forecast. you know, bill, i grew up in ohio. we're loyal fans. you have to show who is boss and they're padded. >> i thought it was part of that little stick. >> no. it's the way we're raised. we're buckeye fans. >> all right. i'll still like you. >>> let's chat about the weather this morning. we are watching summer coming to an end, but temperatures won't give up. it's going to be very hot the next couple of days. look at these temperatures this morning. we're in the 70s in some areas. the only cool spot is up here in new england and some of the plains. we're going to have a lot of wet weather from chicago to minneapolis through iowa,
-term elections with local public broadcast correspondents in california, nevada, ohio and pennsylvania as campaigning heads into the final eight-week stretch. special correspondent in pakistan details the health and safety dangers facing nearly eight million children in the aftermath of the flood disaster. philanthropy expert s assess the response to pakistani flood relief efforts and wrapping up our series on iraq, fred de sam lazaro reports on the day-to-day difficulties facing iraqis who fled their homeland. >> reporter: seven years after the fall of saddam hussein, perhaps two million iraqis remain refugees in neighboring countries, especially syria and here in jordan. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: this is the engine that connects abundant grain from the american heartland to aaron's best selling whole wheat while keeping 60 billion pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. bnsf, theen engine that connects us. >> chevron. this is the power
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, chip reid report reporting from madison, wisconsin tonight. thanks, chip. meanwhile, ohio is often a bell weather in national elections, kind of a microcosm in the entire nation. so perhaps it's not surprising that a cbs news/"new york times" poll out tonight finds about three out of four ohio voters are angry or dissatisfied with washington. national correspondent dean reynolds looks at how that might play out al the polls. >> reporter: near cincinnati today, republican gubernatorial candidate john kasich spoke of the sputtering state economy. >> we're going to work together to fix it! >> reporter: it's a republican refrain across the state where the jobless rate is 10% and where 56% of ohioians in our new poll think the jobs lost are never coming back. >> we have some serious, serious problems going forward. >> so this is going to be a long hard slog. this isn't going to be easy. >> reporter: in ohio's 15th congressional district-- which includes columbus and its suburbs-- freshman democrat mary jo kill roy is running in a close rematch against republican steve stivers. she's hop
gutfeld and i shall see you next time. >> bret: the president rolls in ohio to roll out big spending and tax cut proposals but not for everyone. we'll show you how small businesses could be affected by a failure to extend all of the bush tax cuts. and secretary of state clinton sounds a warning over what she calls a serious threat to national security. live from our studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. today in the buckeye state, president obama shared his family struggle with making ends meet in tough economic times. but it was his remarks on the wealthy that drew the sharpest response from his critics. white house correspondent wendell goler takes a fair and balanced look. >> reporter: two weeks after house republican leader john boehner called on the president to fire his whole economic team, mr. obama went to the minority leader backyard to deliver a personal rebuttal. >> there were no new policies for mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. there was just the same philosophy that we had already tried during the decades that they were in pow
of ohio. the president expected to make a big announcement about the bush era tax cuts and it a huge impact on the midterm elections. plus, the mayor of detroit is about to talk about those 85 fires that devastated much of the city over the past 24 hours. we are waiting to hear an update on that big story as well. but right now, we're waiting for pastor terry jones to hold that news conference outside of his church in gainesville, florida. his congregation numbers about 50 people a very small church. but his plan to burn copieses of the koran this saturday has worldwide attention drawn to it. it has pro-poke voeked outrage in afghanistan and elsewhere in the muslim world and here in the states. among the latest to condemn this plan, the vatican. secretary of state hillary clinton, robert gates and top adviser to the white house, david axelrod. still earlier today, pastor jones told nbc newsç kerry sanders he's going ahead with the burnings unless he receives instructions from god to do otherwise. >> we will definitely think about it, pray about it. >> so you may not burn? >> we may
are coverage it at cnn like no one else. t.j. holmes cruising in ohio on the cnn election express. it's almost like a rock 'n' roll tour for him. first, ed henry at the white house. the president's plan to kick-start the comatose economy. i've heard this before? >> yes, he's certainly talking a lot like last year selling the first stimulus plan out on the road in milwaukee. $50 billion on the new plan. and also the plan talking are tough about the republicans. and i can tell you that we're picking up new information this morning that the president will be back on the road tomorrow until cleveland and going to be unveiling a brand-new business tax cut, something we had nature heard before. it's going to equal about $200 billion. it's going to target small businesses by allowing them through the end of this year and into 2011 allow them to write off 100% of whatever they spend on new plant, new equipment. basically trying to get these economies to pour more money into the economy. get it, perhaps, stimulated. this comes after the president yesterday in milwaukee was pretty tough in pushing back
than an intrastate college football mascot brawl. we'll tell you which ohio stuffed animal has been banned for life because of this throwdown. >>> first let's get to the news live at 5:0 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. >>> president obama is reaching out to skeptical voters still reeling from the economic downturn, urging them to stick with him through the crucial midterm elections. in a town hall meeting held yesterday on cnbc, the president responded to questions from some unemployed workers, some recent college graduates and small business owners, all of whom, many of whom, i should say, expressed their frustrations about the state of the economy. >> i'm one of your middle-class americans, and quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantel of change that i voted for and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. i have been told that i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people. and i'm waiting, sir. >> i was really inspired
from ohio seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move that the house suspend the rules and agree to the bill h.r. 2853 as amended. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 2853, a bill to require the purchase of domestically made flags of the united states of america for use by the federal government. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from ohio, mr. driehaus, and the gentleman from california, mr. bilbray, each will control 20 minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from ohio. mr. driehaus: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. driehaus: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. driehaus: mr. speaker, h.r. 2853, the all-american flag act, ensures that the flags purchased by the federal government will be made right here in the united states. ensuring that tax dollars used for these purchase >>> from a spectacular site along the banks of the ohio river in covington, kentucky. big political news tonight on both sides of this river. over there in ohio, president obama turned both populous and personal today as he escalated the election year debate with republicans over the number one issue in this election campaign, the economy. here in kentucky, another big surprise in a key senate race that already has helped put the tea party on the national map. new cnn polling out tonight shows in what is normally a reliable red state a dead heat between rand paul and democrat john conway. also some new numbers tonight in big races in florida and california. another big political story, sarah panlin just a short time ago, urging a christian pastor in florida to drop plans to stage a koran burning to commemorate 9/11. speaking in parma, ohio, today, that's near cleveland, he accused republicans of spurring every effort for job creation. and mr. obama served notice he is in no mood to extend even temporarily the bush era tax cults that go to americans making more than $250,000 a year. >> th
around the world push phil davidson over the top in his bid to become easurer of stark county, ohio? we have the elecs tion returns. let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. >>> congress returns to work today for the final session before the november midterm elections. the main order of business in the coming weeks willbe debating the fate of the bush tax cuts which are set to expire the end of th year. an issue that's drawing outrage across the country and debate over the mbweekend. members of the tea party moment gathered in washington, st. louis and sacramento to protest big government in general. still goolsby defends the administration's policies. >> thankou for being here today! >> enact laws that protect us from our enemies. >> you have to take my word for it, he did defend their policies. >> john boehner yesterday surprised democrats when he said he may not oppose president obama's plan to extend tax cuts for alby the highest earners. >> are you saying no way no how would u vote forhe continuing the taxcuts for the folks on thes middle class unles it also includes the tax cuts fo
. the largest of all zebras. a rarity in the zebra family with only 2,500 left in africa. >>> and in ohio, being crowned king of the gridiron isn't just for burly football players. this is an amateur video and it shows in-state rivals rufus the bobcat and that's the mascot from ohio state university, and brutus the buckeye from ohio state. throwing fists in the brawl when the bobcat pounced poungsed twice. rufus came out on top. the student under the mask, though, has been banned from ohio athletics. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is bill karins with the forecast. you know, bill, i grew up in ohio. they've got their own set of pads to make sure they don't get -- >> like cartoons. >> every fight had you a padded helmet. a buckeye would be good. >> viewers would probably replay that video than listen to me. >> no, never. we want to know what the weather is, bill. come on. >> i'll believe you this time. >>> 107 yesterday in phoenix. record heat once again. the old record was about 105. that was -- this going to come to an end. much of the country actually very wa
to ohio followed by today's "washington journal." later the governors' association looks at the gubernatorial elections nationwide. you are watching c-span. >> this weekend, commemorating september 11 -- the events that led up to 9/11 and the details of the twin towers, the collapse, the cleanup, and the manpower it took to achieve it. arianna huffington says america is losing its position as an economic and political leader and puts the blame on corporations. for all of this weekend's programs and airtimes, go to sol alinsky is considered the father of community organizing. >> this defies all the stereotypes of what it rabble rouser is supposed to be. >> nicholas hoffman writes about his experiences working with saul alinsky and talks about it sunday night. >president obama called for letting bush tax cuts aspire for individuals making more than $250,000 per year. he accused congressional republicans of blocking him in the house. this took place in cleveland. this is 50 minutes. [applause] >> thank you very much everybody. it had a secret we have business to
and a rarity in the zebra family with only 2,500 left in africa. >>> and in ohio, being crowned king of the gridiron isn't just for burly football players. amateur video shows in-state rivals rufus the bobcat from ohio university and brutus the buckeye from ohio state throwing fists in a brawl. when the bobcat pounced on the buckeye twice. well, rufus came out on top, but the student under the mask has been banned from ohio athletics. >>> and now for a look at the national weather. we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins with the forecast. brutus may have won that battle, but actually ohio state took the game by a lot. it was, like, 40 something to 7. >> the ohio state mascot stayed on its feet. i mean, he did all right. >> let's do a play-by-play. do we have instant replay? >> he was charged, but he did all right. that's probably how the game went. ohio state probably killed them. >> exactly. >> let's talk about what just happened. the national hurricane center said we have a new tropical storm. gets your attention, right? this is "l" storm, lisa. but then when we look at the map a
. i only noticed a couple of high, thin clouds here and there. up in ohio and michigan and indiana, there is some rain. that should stay north of us with high pressure giving us good weather once again. you might get tired of this good weather. it is just to drive. we'll talk about rain in the forecast coming up. >> our big story, the race for maryland governor is heating up. bob ehrlich hit the airwaves with his first television ad entitled "let's get to work." >> kim dacey joins us live from northwest baltimore with details. >> early voting polling places opened on friday. nearly 23,000 people statewide have cast their ballots already. those who have not have more to think about as bob ehrlich hit the tv airwaves. >> i am bob ehrlich. >> in his first television ad, bob ehrlich reintroduced himself to maryland voters. >> i am not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. >> he showed the -- we showed the spot to a political analyst. >> it was a perfect ad for his campaign. ad looks good. >> the esthetics always matter with ads. there are subtle things, but it is importan
by 46% of those polled. 45% choose the economy. the economy is a big topic in ohio, critical race important the 2008 race. and both parties recognize how important this state is in the midterm elections and beyond. cnn's t.j. holmes is in the capital of that state, columbus. he's traveling with the cnn election express. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning to you, jim. you said it. talk about how important ohio is. this should let you know how important ohio is. the president tomorrow is making his tenth trip to this state as president. he is racking up frequent flyer miles here. clearly he likes this state. he likes the people of this state. it is an important state. they are viewing the president and his policies and the stimulus right now with a bit of skepticism and they have reason to be a bit skeptical. jim, it was right here that the president's first trip to ohio as president came here to columbus to top his stimulus plan saying that look at these 25 police officers. there was a ceremony and graduating from the academy. they would have to be laid off until the stim
across michigan and washington pushing through indiana and ohio. another cluster out of missouri there. for us a few clouds blowing off the storms this morning. otherwise in the 60s. look at the 70sin the ohio valley ahead of the cold front. a little touch of autumn across the northeast. in the 40s with 30s toward lake la sid. 58 reston. arlington is 64. so is brandywine and so is springfield while we sit at 69 at reagan national. 72 or so around 9:00. 80 at noon. breezy this actual. could be a late shower north and west. highs 84 to 89 down south. 31. let's find out about angie's problems. >> tieups to avoid early on. begin with an accident at marlboro bike between brooks drive and silver hill we are hears because of this accident it will be like this until 5:00 a.m., maybe even 5:30. we have construction we are keeping an eye out on. surprise surprise. south capitol street is closed in both directions where it meets the douglas bridge. hopefully that will open up by the 5:00 hour, as well. watch for construction at 824 montgomery village avenue. smooth sailing to the split. 395 north
in football. ohio state had a 43-7 win. but the craziest action to put before kickoff. the-line fors bruno's and slammed the ohio state mascot to the turf. then ohio's mask that followed rutus in the end zone. security guards removed ohio's mascot from the field. he has been stripped of his costume. he said he only wanted the job in the first place so he could be up brutus. thold gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >> there is a chance for scattered thunderstorms wednesday through as we go into fall, we use a warm-up to 90 degrees. >> that is right. >> bouquet, fall is definitely falling. -- ok, fall is definitely falling. thank you for joining us. bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thou
to her head, torso and buttocks. >>> an ohio man who pulled a series of stunts dressed up in a gorilla suit may ends up in prison. 24-year-old jeremy lucas hit the road in a suit he called a practical joke. police received complaints about a man who was driving an atv on a road that was closed. he said he was taking part in a stunt inspired by the mtv show called jack as. >>> healthcare reform is -- two new health care laws take effect tomorrow. >>> also foreclosures aren't the only factors when it comes to your credit scores. what simple mistakes you could be making that could drag down your credit score. ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. ntremont ntremont >>> two keep components healthcare reform law
was hit with more charges in michigan. he's suspected of a series of stabbings in virginia, ohio and michigan. today prosecutors in flaunt have charged him with murder and assaults. these new charges are in addition to the attempted murder charges he's also facing in michigan. >> we have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this occurred and the defendant is the person responsible. we'll get there. we're being careful, methodical. i have a tremendous team of law enforcement working with us and i'm confident we'll be able to be successful. >> abuelazam pled not guilty today. >>> we have the condition of a doctor shot at hopkins last week. orthopedic surgeon david cohen is in good condition and continues to improve. he was shot by the son of an elderly patient being treated at the hospital last thursday. police say the gunman, 50-year- old paul warren pardus became distraught after being told about his mother's condition and he shot and killed his mother and then himself. >>> the only woman on virginia death row, the only way theresa lewis will survive is a reprieve from the dis
it for months. he said his attack from brutus provided with plenty of boos from the ohio state fans, and he is okay with that. -- haning has been let go as the mascot and apologized to the ohio state fans. >> he is no longer the mascot. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate. >> mascots were not supposed to talk and so the interview was not impressive, they just do the mind thing. >> i know ken is thrilled about this one. 87 this afternoon coming with a chance of thunderstorms, it will likely occur after 5:00. we have a bright lit sky early this morning. >>> 89 on thursday, 90 on friday, and we have 52 days higher than 90 degrees this summer. slipping in to the 80s on saturday. 8 -- 83 degrees on sunday. >>> let's check out the tech bytes. >> spam followers with garbled messages can cause popup issues even if you don't click on the message itself. this has been found to occur on facebook. >> i find holding my arm out, i can have a virtual sword, baseball racket, things like that. you stop looking at the physical hand, and you instead looking at the tv screen and you are really interac
, at the president in cleveland, ohio. he is there talking to some people. you know, we're going to bring you that speech when he makes it a little later on. and gloria, we'll keep talking about this. i have to say, while you're still in the shadow of cincinnati, you know, like new york has its bagels and philly has its cheesesteaks, cincinnati chile has got to be one of my favorite foods. >> you know, we passed a cincinnati chili place, and we stopped, because a little bit of the diet. maybe we'll get back there later tonight. >> yeah, i like the idea of two of my favorite foods being put together, chili and spaghetti and tomatoes. gloria, good to see you. we will talk later on in the show. gloria borger, our senior political analyst, coming to kentucky, right across the river from cincinnati much angelina jolie, touring the flood-ravageded pakistan. her exclusive interview with sanjay gupta, next. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. 48 man and woman: ♪
between congress and the white house, economy, issue number one, just as the president goes back to ohio, republican leaders already saying that his proposals to jump start the economy will not pass. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom". good to see you! martha: good to be here. first day of school yesterday morning, but boy is there a lot to talk about. things are hopping, folks. i'm martha maccallum, good to have you with us this morning. midterm elections are two months away and the president is expected to say that the bush tax cuts will be extended for some but not for all americans. bill: also martha is former budget director who was in the job a few months ago who said this is not a good idea, ready for a stalemate are new what's new. stuart varney, fox business network, host of varney & company. first the news, what do we expect to hear on the economy? >> today the president goes to cleveland, he is going to be pushing for a $200 billion tax credit plan, part of the overall stimulus program, he's going to get personal, he's going to talk about his
you why later in the program. but first, fight for the ohio gorship. -- governorship. [ male announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most completeultivitamin for men. it has antioxidants to help support your immunity and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. centrum ultra men's. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. >> bret: in headquarter's election headquarters tonight what many might consider a feather in the cap of a progressive politician, passing a massive overhaul is now left off many democratic talking points. chief washington correspondent jim angle has the story. >> while president obama touts a new healthcare law everywhere he goes, many members of the party say the op to is it in re-election ads, making sure they know they voted against it. one says she is thinking about her family as well a
strikes across the pond. we will tell you why later in the program. but first, fight for the ohio gorship.@ >> bret: in headquarter's election headquarters tonight what many might consider a feather in the cap of a progressive politician, passing a massive overhaul is now left off many democratic talking points. chief washington correspondent jim angle has the story. >> while president obama touts a new healthcare law everywhere he goes, many members of the party say the op to is it in re-election ads, making sure they know they voted against it. one says she is thinking about her family as well as her constituents. >> it's why i voted against the bail-out and it wasn't right for zachary or any kid's future. >> others are running against healthcare and the president as well as democratic leaders. >> no doubt about it. >> he thought when he voted against healthcare -- >> he's not afraid to stand up for the president. >> and nancy pelosi. >> other just make sure voters know they stood against the healthcare law. >> standing up against congressional pay raise and voting against the bail-out
the battleground state of ohio where candace are in close races for the house, senate, and governor. you know what? we don't usually brag about having color in the [ mom ] i can't start the first grade with her. ♪ i can't hold her hand on the bus. ♪ or be there to show everyone how great she is. but what i can do is give her everything she needs to be excited for school, while staying in my budget. that's why i go to walmart. she has everything she needs. and then some. [ female announcer walmart has low prices on not just a few things, but everything on their back-to-school list. guaranteed. save money. live better. walmart. >> harris: welcome back, fox news is america's election headquarters. rain day is the -- labor day is the traditional fall kickoff to the campaign. democrats are counting on democrats. labors unions are losing faith with the democrats. lots of eyes on union strong ohio. vice president joe biden making a trip to toledo for the second time in two weeks. according to the bureau of labor statistics, ohio had nearly 700,000 union members in 2009. carl cameron is live in cincin
their highest since the beginning of the mortgage meltdown. >>> family outrage. an ohio mother accused of teaching her 2-year-old so smoke an ohio mother accused of teaching her 2-year-old so smoke marijuana. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everyone. appreciate you joining you us. i'm terrell brown for betty nguyen this morning. beginning with the upcoming midterm elections. a new poll shows voter frustration running high. neither party escapes criticism and the president is taking plenty of heat. the number one issue among voters, the economy. a record number of american voters want new blood in congress, 55% say it's time for their representative to go. voters are frustrated with both parties. 58% disapprove of the democrats. 68% disapprove the republicans. tara, good morning to you. >> good morning. midterms, believe it or not, are now just seven weeks away. both parties are under growing pressure to prove they can fix the economy. with bitter midterm battles looming, president obama is taking a fresh shot at republicans. >> we don't have time for any more games. i unders
, the best political team on tv, stomping through ohio. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. yes it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we know. i don't think you do. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. >>> before we talk politics, let's look at pictures that cnn is just getting. this is a story happening out of pakistan. we don't know a whole bunch but there's a massive blast that shock police headquarters in the taun of kohah. it happened today, and we understand a number of people we
for the wealthy. >>> plus as ohio goes so goes the nation? the phrase rings true as democrats struggling right now to hold on to critical seats in time for november's mid term election. the best political team on television is in ohio right now live with the cnn election express. i'll speak also with the chairman of the democratic party. >>> and heightened warnings from top u.s. military officials in afghanistan as a florida pastor pushes ahead with plans to burn korans on the september 11 anniversary this saturday. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> the economy is spelling new trouble for president obama and democrats on the national stage. nowhere is that more evident than ohio a state that helped decide the fate of all but two presidential races in the last 100 years. now with only 56 days left before what's expected to be a highly contentious mid term election, ohio's staggering 10.3 unemployment rate is toughening the battle for democrats already clinging to stay in power. this hour we're on the ground in ohio with the best political team on television. they'll be live from
slammed the rocky, and college football return, including number two ohio state kicking off with a bang against marshall. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> when hurricane earl exits up the canada as we go through the weekend, nice cool canadian air will be rushing in. relief! your weekend forecast is coming up. >>> good morning, if you're just waking up on "early today," in sport, a busy night on the gridiron as college football season opened one a full slate of games. here's fred roggin with a early look at your sports headline. >>> good morning, kicking off the football season with 25 teams in action. jacoby harris making an early bid for the heisman trophy. 13 is a lucky number for miami. they won big, 45-0. one heisman hopeful. terrell pryor led number two, ohio state in a win over marshall. he capped off the first half of a 65-yard strike. buckeyes roll, 45-7. game of the night in salt lake, 15th ranked pittsburgh down 11 in the fourth quarter when they mounted a comeback. john bald winn, a 44-yard touchdown reception. utah up by three. dan hutchins with t
plans, barbecuing and whatnot, great across the ohio valley and kentucky, the funky corn that pops by itself, should be a good day for you there. yellow stone national park and glacier not only a mix of showers, possibly some snowfall in the highest elevations, the tetons same deal and warm deserts southwest. high temperatures very quickly, 70s, 80s across parts of the northeast, 82 in st. louis, 93 in dallas. 84 in atlanta, 104 in vegas and los angeles 81. people in the southeast enjoy the cool weather because later into the week and weekend we'll be back in the 90s with the high humidity again. t.j., hate to tell you that. we're not involved just yet in the southeast. >> when does the official start come? >> in about a month. in georgia it doesn't cool down until about january, basically how it feels. >> right after christmas. >> exactly. >> appreciate you as always. talk to you again shortly. >>> we saw mixed unemployments numbers out just two days ago and with the new numbers comes a new push to get more help for small businesses. >>> a lot of people celebrating the holiday thi
is out in battleground states, florida, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, nevada. he will make a real fight for them. as you see the polls already, democrats are behind the republicans. they are even in the gallup generic poll. this is pure political prognostication. >> do the republicans to ride the wind and get a free ride? >> the greatest limitation on how much the republicans gain is how much they trip themselves up. they are the only ones who can limit how many games they make. it is conceivable they will limit themselves either by nominating people who are not acceptable to independent voters, or in some cases, having some who are at a disadvantage and enjoy. -- financially. >> there are some who should be behind, given the incredible things that they said, in the back comment -- nevada, but even harry reid is behind. in the kentucky, rand paul is ahead. dan burke had one of the most disastrous -- jan brewer had one of the most disastrous moments in a debate where she could not remember what she was talking about. >> the president is going to come out swinging today. of course, ohio i
. the president will go up and tore the battleground states, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, the back, and he will make a real fight for them. as you see the generic polls already, democrats are behind republicans. i think we could see a shift. this is not wishful thinking, this is political prognostication. >> do the republicans ride the wind and get a free ride? >> the biggest limitation on the republican side is how badly the republicans trip themselves up. they are the only ones who will limit how much they get. it is conceivable they will limit themselves either by nominating people who are not acceptable to independent voters, or by having, in some cases, a financial disadvantage. if they play it right, they can run the table. >> the amazing thing is there are candidates who should be behind, given the incredible things that they said. in nevada, in the senate race, it is tied. harry reid is behind a point or two. in kentucky, rand paul is ahead. jan brewer had one of the most disastrous television performances. she stops in the middle of a debate and cannot remember what she is talking
starting to dry up adding across ohio. most of this -- heading across ohio. at least we had a chance during the early morning. clouds could draw up a brief shower. -- could drop a brief shower. it is all developing along this front through eastern ohio. we will get the breezy weather behind it. it should feel really comfortable for the end of the week. this does not bring us much rain. beautiful weather returns for thursday and friday with comfortable temperatures. cool and clear at night. tomorrow should be the last war day tomorrow. sunshine in the afternoon and gusty winds on the bay prompting a small craft advisory. 67 for the high. the front goes through early and that keeps the temperature down. 88 tomorrow with a shower. on the eastern shore, lo 90's tomorrow it for the front sweeps off the coast -- low 90's tomorrow. a tornado threat now still dumping heavy rain and around boston. now they -- heavy rain around austin. now it is moving past puerto rico and is trying to reform. the 7 day forecast, 20% chance of rain tomorrow morning, but don't count on it doing much. we will see after
the front. stretching from erie, pennsylvania through eastern parts of ohio, down through southern ohio, chilocothe. it ooks likeethey are getting rainfall. zooming in closer picture. -ou can see west of wheeling west virginia, heavier showers. pittsburg aaea, north of there, up just around the northern suburbs it looks llke showers. and youngstown ohio. but for us, that will breakup3 over the mountains and not make ii here, with dry air in place.ú 91 was the high today. recorded out there at bwi thurgood marshall aiiport. and doontown around 93 to 94 degrees. and dry conditions with o precipitation to talk about. and, in fact, the change toward get to that in the five day. but 82 was the temperature right now. in baltimore.3 at 72. out in western maryland and biggee picture. you can see how the cooler air is back west. 66 in indianapolis. 64 in chicago. compared to 70s around pittssurg. and 80s in our neck of the woods.3 that cool ffont will continue to moveeour direction and give s changes over thh next couple of days. clockwise rotation, bringing up froot. but see the showers and
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